Baby arrival

The arrival of m2 (my daughter) creates a perfect balance in the family. With m1 (my son) as the unleashed monster, it just makes sense.

Born on the 6th of September 2005, she weighed 4.84 kilos (10.6lbs) and is 53 cm tall. She was expected for August 29th but was a week and a day late. The midwife has to inject some medicine into my blood so to force her out. And yes! after waiting in the delivery room from 10AM, she popped out reluctantly at 19h25.

She was the biggest baby for all the time we spent in the Hospital in Antibes. And for the midwife, it was her 2nd biggest birth with a 4.9 kilo baby as first.

In order for the grandparents to see photos and receive updates, will updated to cater my two monsters (aka. children :-] )

A perfect balance… yes, she will bring this.