Since the first week of September 2005, my son started kindergarten in a private school. I was told by my husband, Dave that on the first day M1 was well behaved, quiet and did not cry at all. Unlike most of the 28 kids starting school that day. I agree with Dave, I do pity the three people working there (Teacher, Assistant and Trainee).

There was this girl who was shouting and screaming that Assistant took her for a walk while carry another in her arms. Imagine a 3-year old kid on you, that is around 15 kilos! With M1 in school, we have entered a new phase of parenthood along with the coming of M2 .

M1 photograph

M1 after seeing Nanny
This year, they will be taught to become independent, clean and behave property in public places. They also do Arts and Sports and Friday is for what they called “Baby Gym”.

The good thing about sending M1 to school early is we managed to save lots of cash. Nanny here costs around 600€ per month, the school even private cost 40-50€ per month plus other fees and canteen and guard is 159 per month. Even with all options, it still is cheaper.