My little girl was christened in a small chapel in St Mary’s in South Woodford. A private event with only the direct family and the godparents. The reception was held the next day with quite a few more family members. (view next photo).

Godparents are Kirstie, Jennifer & Orly (not present). The christingle service was held the next day where the new member of the faith was presented to the community. Little Anne was hungry at the time and started to make a fuss of impatience. When we went to meet the Vicar in the front of all people, she quieted down and held a proud stance looking at everyone. Grandmother Anne was so proud she started clapping 🙂

The restaurant is Royal Forest, it is located several minutes drive from South Woodford. Since we have a big group, we have our own dedicated waiters to serve us. The food is great and the staff are very nice.

Photo above shows the façade, my lunch before demolishing it and a family photo.