This is one of the most beautiful and coveted villas on the French Riviera. It lies beside the sea with breathtaking views of the coast. Simple yet elegant architecture, it is also quite descrete. It is protected by the walls and the street on the other side and by the sea and rocks on the other.

Villa Ajourdhui

There is a garden with swimming pool to entertain guests. You can also reach your yacht through an access towards the sea.

Beside it lies a very small fishermen’s port with colourful boats and lively people.

small boats

It is said that a very famous singer wants to buy it. The realty agent is just keeping this “client” on false hope as the owners will NEVER (in their own words) sell this beautiful home. Well, let is wait and see how high the price could go…

Listed as Cote d’Azur 20th century heritage.

See file here .pdf (in French)

DRAC, Paca, France