One billing personnel informed me that they cannot re-imburse my purchase of a template monster template because they clearly stated (the following):

“When you purchased it you saw a description:
Hosting with PHP4x and MySQL4x;
osCommerce runs on most server specific configurations ranging from dedicated servers to shared servers that utilize different PHP configurations such as register_globals and safe_mode restrictions; ”

My problem was with register globals which their template requiredto be enabled. Which my hosting flatly refuses because it poses security risks. Does the above statement specifically state that it is obligatory to have registered globals enabled? No. It does not.
merely seems to suggest that that is one of many possible configurations underwhich the template would run. So for this mistake of assumption, I paid for a product I cannot even use. And Template monster wouldn’t even re-imburse me.

They only sent me the following reply :

Thank you for reaching Technical Department of!

 We are sorry that your template is not working according to your
expectations. But you had a great opportunity to check our OsCommerce
templates by using a Live Demo page before placing an order.
We use main features of OsCommerce engine to create our own
e-solutions with better looking. Please mind that our OsCommerce
templates were re-coded by our programmers and so on a preview page of
each OsCommerce template we provide a live demo to show our customers how it
actually works.  Also you could download our free OsCommerce template
and check all the things you were interested in. If you had some
doubts concerning a product you could contact our Customer
representatives which are working round the clock and make all the
things clear (before purchasing).
Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds after the product is shipped, which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing any article at our site. Please make sure that you've carefully read 'sources available' section. We only make exceptions with this rule when the product appears to be not-as-described on a case by case basis in agreement of the parties concerned. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards,
Technical department"


Sorry for the inconvenience? I am 140$ poorer! they pocketed my money. They sell products which poses security risk because it wants register globals enabled. I could have given it to finance my brother school books!