Today, our destination is Monaco – the small, ultrachic principality between France and Italy. For a visit, nothing beats the beautiful sunny day and a short train ride.

The Rock, Monaco

It is the home of many rich, famous and successful people . An interesting melange but it makes sense. The principality enjoys loads of sunny, warm weather, beautiful views, offers great services and enough fun to make it the playground of the rich and famous.

The visit is mostly focused on the Rocher, where the Palace is located. It overlooks the principality as well as offers magnifecent views of the French and Italian riviera. Here there is the Castle, the Museum, the beautiful garden, Sacre Coeur church, a charming chapel, loads of restaurants and small shops. On one side we can see the port which is home to many beautiful and big yachts, we can also see the Grand Prix “piste” as well as the Casino of Monte Carlo. On the other side we can see France and the port Fontvielle with its housing.

Yes, there are so many things to see in this such a small space… Compact

Casino Monte-Carlo
The Casino

Monaco train station, the cleanest and most modern station you’ll find on this side of the Riviera.

Over Fontvielle, Monaco
This side overlooks the port and housing of Fontvielle.

Port Consamine, Monaco
Port, Monaco

The port of Monaco (Condamine) with its yachts.

Sacre Coeur, Monaco
The church

Oceanographic Museum
Must see this one with its huge aquariums.