I am not going to argue about the merits of the book, I am sure most of the guys who criticize C. Paolini for his writing cannot write a decent novel at 19. I obviously can’t, but I can read, and I love to read (don’t we all?). I know that he got ideas from other books even those from three billy goats gruffs. I like the story, I actually read both books 1 and 2 at least twice. But I am really furious at how the movie and the script was made, people who did these should change their names because it IS awful! A 7 year old could’ve done better.

Things I consider as downfall for the movie are:

– The Casting: there should be a careful consideration on the choosing. Arya for example was said as dark haired in the book and not blond.

– The Script: it is badly written and it made me wince every time they talk (or almost) it is so very corny. I usually like corny stuff but hell…this is the worst I’ve ever spent my 7.5 euros for! The blasted story was changed and opposites were shown! The urgals were made to look the tribal cannibals when they are supposed to be some version of a troll. And where were the dwarfs? Horst? the merchants…

– Special Effects: they’ve spent good money on the effects of the Dragon and I like the dragon but… nothing on the others… like the drawf kingdom under Beor Mountains, it should be in stones, marbles, a real gem instead of a primitive village with rice paddies!

I’d like to see this story again as movie but… with better director, producer, script and budget – actors who played Eragon, Roran and Brom are fine as well as Saphira and her voice but the rest of the cast need changing or even play other roles. The girl who played Arya should fit as Serena. The story should end as it should like in the book..

I think C. Paolini should roast the scriptwriter with the torn up script and fed to the scriptwriter’s version of urgals.

Thank you for reading.

Anyway, I strongly recommend you to read the book and definitely not watch the movie.