- 7.1 million pixels
- 10x optical zoom (equiv. to 38-380mm on a 35mm model)
- 15x Fine Zoom option with 3MP
- 6.4cm/2.5” LCD
- BrightCapture Technology for better low-light photography
- Digital Image Stabilisation Mode
- ISO 50-1600 with full 7.1MP, ISO 2500/4000 in 3MP mode via manual setting
- 21 scene modes (incl. Landscape, Beach&Snow, Night Scene)
- Multi-language menu with 10 languages plus possibility to download 15 more languages from the internet (on board: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Czech, Polish, Danish, Dutch)
- Supplied with Olympus Master Software and 4 AA batteries for 630** shots

Manufacturer’s Description:

With an Olympus SP-510 UZ by their side, photographers need never miss the action again. Thanks to its powerful 10x optical zoom lens (equiv. to 38-380mm on a 35mm camera) they’ll be able to reach out to distant subjects and bring them in for closer scrutiny. The 7.1 million pixel resolution means that every detail will be there to see. Should anyone need to delve deeper still, in 3.0 million pixel resolution, a Fine Zoom option can increase the magnification of the optical zoom to a phenomenal 15x.

Nothing escapes the gaze of the SP-510 UZ, even when the sun starts to set. Olympus BrightCapture Technology comes into play boosting maximum ISO value to an amazing 4000* allowing the camera to deliver great results even in low-light conditions Energy efficient to the extreme, the SP-510 UZ needs just one set of AA batteries for up to 630** shots. So, what with its powerful zoom, high resolution, great low light capabilities, and energy efficiency, photographers using the SP-510 UZ can continue shooting way into the evening. Even if the light fails, they know that their camera won’t.

For wildlife and sports photographers in particular, the SP-510 UZ offers a huge advantage. Its 7.1 million pixel CCD and 10x optical zoom (equiv. to 38-380mm on a 35mm camera) can be used to pick out either a distant zebra, or footballer, to fill the frame in breathtaking detail – without scaring them off or interrupting play! And, when shooting in 3.0 million pixel mode, a special Fine Zoom option is available that boosts magnification to a phenomenal 15x, making the zoom equivalent to a 38-570mm zoom on a 35mm camera. Yet in spite of these impressive specifications, the SP-510 UZ remains a remarkably compact and easy to use camera.

Framing photos is made simple and straightforward with a 6.4cm LCD screen, large enough to show off even quite small details. This naturally doubles up as a monitor to view shots on, once they’ve been saved to either the camera’s internal memory or an optional xD-Picture Card. Of course, the use of the SP-510 UZ isn’t confined to just sports and wildlife, as 21 pre-defined scene modes are available to make life easy in a wide range of shooting environments including Landscapes and Beach&Snow. To keep the more ambitious photographer happy, the camera also offers Aperture and Shutter Priority exposure, as well as full Manual control, so they can let their creativity and experimental impulses run wild.

In case the animal being photographed is nocturnal, or the match is being played under floodlights, the SP-510 UZ has been equipped with Olympus’ unique BrightCapture Technology. This increases the camera’s sensitivity to light by boosting the maximum ISO value to a striking 4000*, lessening the need to use flash and preserving the atmosphere of the ambient light. Faster shutter speeds can also be used, helping to avoid blurry images due to camera shake – very handy for a camera with a powerful zoom lens.

A powerful 10x zoom lens and great capabilities in low light make the 7.1 million pixel SP-510 UZ a great choice for people who want to capture the action, no matter where it is, whether that’s at a family party or out in the wilds. The camera will be available from all good camera shops as of September 2006.

My views:

This is one impressive compact camera! Compact and a great one-camera solution, it offers a 10x optical zoom range that is equivalent to 38-380mm of a 35mm. The 2.5″ screen is great for viewing and framing however I noticed the quality of the image on screen at SHQ is pixelated which does not reflect the quality of the image itself when transfered to the computer. At first I thought it so, taking photos with HQ and SHQ shows equivalent resolutions of 3072×2304 but the size shows a huge difference. SHQ photos are at least 5MB in size while HQ photos are only at 1.5MB, that is a huge difference!

The camera has a system to reduce camera shake for this, it changes the ISO sensitivity enabling the shutter speed to be stepped up so it reduces the potential movement. This however reduces the size of the photograph to only 3megapixel.


Beware of high ISO sensitivity, they will surely give an output of noise more than you expect. To prevent this, use a tripod or use Manual mode and configure it and limit the ISO.

Even with this downside, I still love it 🙂

Price comparison:

- sells it at 170£
- sells it at 199.99£
- sells it at 215£