Today is my day, even if I am stuck with M2 who refuses to talk a nap therefore I did not manage to do some crafting. Oh well! Most of the day was spent at home anyway since there was supposed to be 2 deliveries today which did not come. I called the supplies shop and scolded the guy even it if is not his fault and the other company who were supposed to deliver boxes – pointing out that I wasted my day in the house with a baby who wants some fresh air and was behaving like a noisy army.

Apart from this, when the girl is under control I was able to read magazines part of the Gemmel book (currently reading Ravenheart).  Tonight, I took some photos of myself (since there is no other model available 😉 ).

self portrait

The book is one of the many books I look for inspiration (when I am in the mood to rearrange the living room).