I normally love to fly with easyjet, because they are easy and normally “understanding” but yesterday’s flight was a horrible one.

Our luggage would normally include two suitecases of about 30 kilos plus the handcarry, this doesn’t concern the check-in people. They just wrap a “heavy tag” on the luggage but yesterday’s check-in is the worst of its kind with other people with relatively light baggage than ours who are also frequent flyers being treated badly and asked to pay hundreds of euros. Is it only in the Nice airport? I hope so because one thing that would make me switch is the bad service and expensive charges.  We have 6 bag for 4 persons (2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant), altogether weigh 90 kilos because the check-in personnel included one of the handcarry. Two suitcases are on their normal 30 kilos each and the rest on varying weights lesser. For the excess we have to pay 300 Euros!

Aside from this, the ladies on the counter in Nice just chatted on who to do what and where – when there is a long queue waiting to check-in for Stansted and Bristol which by the way was still marked “On Time” even if the plane did not arrive 30 minutes (at least) after its take off schedule. For yesterday, I am NOT a very happy flyer and I will be glad to try other airlines for my next trip.


Even the view didnt appease my discontent with easyjet.