Colins Practica Gardener

Planting bulbs is an excellent way to ensure a flowering garden. In this new addition to the hugely successful Collins Practical Gardener series, all the details of bulbs’ specific needs are provided. Sections on Selection of bulbs, planting and troubleshooting give you the know-how you need. Every step of bulb gardening is covered, from buying to protecting bulbs through the winter and advice for planting combinations. Suggestions for growing bulbs in pots and indoor displays offer an alternative to outdoor bulb gardening. With full information for over 100 genera of true bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes and tuberous roots, this book is everything you’ll need to raise healthy plants. The diagnostic troubleshooting chart is an invaluable feature enabling you to identify plant problems from the symptoms, and the pests and diseases section details how to prevent and combat these difficulties. Packed with information, advice and practical tips this informative guide to bulbs is the most attractive and down-to-earth reference of its kind.

Contents include:

  1. Introduction to bulbs
  2. Types of bulbs – bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes, tuberous roots
  3. Buying and handling bulbs
  4. Planting
  5. Naturalising
  6. Growing in pots
  7. Feeding and watering
  8. Staking
  9. Care after flowering
  10. Indoor displays
  11. Forcing bulbs
  12. Winter protection and storage
  13. Propagation
  14. Planting combinations
  15. A-Z directory
  16. Troubleshooting chart
  17. Pests and diseases
  18. Common name plant index and subject index

For a beginner in gardening, I find this book very informative with details and differences of bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes and tuberous roots. The many photographs of flowers also helps in identifying the plants with the detailed descriptions and care chart to care for it. The plant directory is easy to use with the alphabetical tabs which helps a lot.

I have identified several of my flower photographs thanks to this book and its easy explaination on how to plant and care is very helpful too!

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