This is a small and affordable accessory that could turn your regular lens into one capable of close macro photography. I’ve attached mine to my E500 and 14-45mm lens on manual mode and went into the garden for a test. The sky is overcast and is getting a bit darker (PM). So I just compensated the lack of light by longer exposure time in hope that the wind will not pick up.

Snowdrop - Galanthus macro
Snowdro, Olympus E-500 with X25

With the EX25 you really need to get your knees dirty as you are more likely to kneel to get close.. very close to your subject. Some of my in-laws’ neighbours must have thought me bizarre since I almost laid flat on my belly just to get a good shot at some tiny snowdrops. Thank goodness there wasnt enough space to do it so I had to cram down to take a shot.

Macro Photography
Grass flower – Olympus E-500

So instead of buying a 300£ macro lens or even the 179£ macro lens, get this extention tube for only 93£ from give your lenses a macro capability (on MF).