Though there are still things to do, our house is almost ready to move into. It is close to family which is one of the main reasons we chose it. It is also close to public transport and shops without these being a nuisance.

I notice that during the day from morning to afternoon, the light from either side are soft, indirect light which is ideal for my hobby – photography. It is spacious (from what we previously had) and I already have ideas to properly decorate it so it is both child friendly and elegant.

The kitchen is separated from the main living area and is long so I have lots of cupboard space as well as enough room to fit a dining table. It is bright here too with the bay window with access to the small garden which I am definitely going to work on with flowers and vegetables.

The bedrooms and office are upstairs. They are bright and I am sure I have enough space on the walls to hang our photographs. At least now the office have a door so we can work properly without being disturbed by the children.

Come back again to see how it’s furnished…