Principality of Seborga

In August 2006, we went for a drive to the hills. Our destination is the Principality of Seborga which is close to Vintemillia. It is not a very long drive through the motorway and for the passengers, it is a scenic one.

The Old Principality of Seborga is located in the back hills of Liguria, at only 45 minutes from Nice through the motorway and 15 to 30 minutes drive from Genova and Monaco. From its point at 500m above sea level, the Principality enjoys and exceptionally mild climate and beautiful panoramic views of the French and Italian Riviera.

Italian and French Riviera

The Principality comprises of 10 square miles territory with a population of around 2000. The towns of Vallecrosia, Vallebona and Bordighera were part of the Principality.

The Seborgans earn their living by cultivationg and exporting their crops all over the world.

The capital is small, filled with charming streets, small doors, beautiful mural paintings and beautiful views. There are three restaurants in Seborga and they specialise in local dishes mainly with rabbit and goat.

The church- Principality of Seborga
The Church of Saint Martin

The food was really good both meat and the vegetables. If you think you tasted the best olive apperitif already, then come to Seborga and taste the real delicacy đŸ™‚ . I ate rabbit when we went there, it was succulent and tasty; matched with potatoes and mushrooms it was divine! We agreed that it was the best meal we ever came to eat on the Riviera after 7 years living there and frequent visits to the restaurants.

The restaurant -Seborga

Charming streets of Seborga

The existence of the Principality dates back to as early as 954. With the election of a monk as their head of state who also becomes the Prince of Seborga. Historians consider Seborga as the first consitutional monarchy of the world and experts in international law agrees that the Principality of Seborga cannot be considered part of the Italian Republic.

Mural Paintings – Seborga

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