This is my first try on organising a Flickr meet-up on the London Flickr Meetups group. Our destination is the Intensely Tropical exhibit of Kew Gardens. Lucky the day was beautiful and I met a wonderful and friendly group of photographers.

Each use a different brand of camera; mine is Olympus, one is Canon, there is a Nikon, there is also a Sony and Konica Minolta.

First we went to the exhibit in the Princess of Wales Conservatory mostly taking macro shots (at least I did), then a nice stroll to the garden finding interesting things to photograph. So from the Princess of Wales Conservatory, we went to The Orangery Restaurant for a quick munch.

octopussy orchid
Octopussy orchid

The stroll towards the lake eventful since we passed a plot of crocuses, almost covering the plot lilac. Then we went on the Sackler crossing for some nice lake shoots.

We walked around a lake… took photos and talked…

We followed a peacock who seem to complain about it.

Evolution house
So after walking around the lake we went towards the direction of the Pagoda, passed the Evolution house and the Temperate house. We parted by the Japanese gateway since it is already getting dark and the others have other places to go to.

So we went our ways with some investigating the noise from a Rugby game and other going to another exit. I really enjoyed this Flickr meet- to get to meet other flickr users and to see places too.

Me and my children, we went to South Kensington to meet my other half who went to see Picocon today and grabbed something to eat and a warm drink on the way home…