Food of the Philippines

At last a very informative and colourful book about the Philippine cuisine.  The background information about the many influences that play a part in the development of the Filipino tastes will help you understand the different specialities of many different areas of the country.

Food of the Philippines: Authentic recipes from the Pearl of the Orient is also very colourful with each dish presented in a traditional way, each recipe is accompanied by a half/full page coloured photograph to entice you to try it out.  This is what I like about recipes, a photograph of how it should look like. Some thing to encourage me to go through the who procedure of preparation and cooking, making it a delightful experience.

The only drawback I can say about the book is the limited number of recipes offered. These are quite tasty and traditional one but it still does not cover the relatively wide range of the Filipino dishes.

The book was written by Reynaldo Alejandro, a Filipino auther, cook and lecturer, it is available in website for only 3.79£