I thought that today was a very lovely day with bright sunshine a bit of breeze and blue sky. I promised my son an outing with him on his bike, yet after 5 minutes it rained cats and dogs so we thought to stay inside and just play with the tent. By midday the sun came out again with streaks of sunlight coming through the coulds but it got ruined after a couple of minutes by another strong shower.

I can’t believe it and I am so p*ssed off to have to cancel all the time our planned biking activity. The weather wouldn’t just keep either rainy or shine…. so frustrating.

When the first rays of the sun came out in the afternoon I just took my son for a walk to the shops because the yummy reserve went down – this we did under the threat of rain, the dark grey sky looming over at us threatening to to burst and freeze us.

I really miss the sun 😦