A married woman who manages her own household, esp. as her principal occupation.

Some women are offended is they are called a housewife and preferred to be called a homemaker. What’s the difference? They are both the same to me one is a new verb and the other is an old verb. They both mean a woman who takes care of her home. I’ve just become one after deciding not to work. So what is in it?

Before you think that being a housewife is being lazy, think again. It is a full-time unpaid job with no job description given when it was accepted. You just learn as you go.

The primary activities are:

  1. Cleaning and managing the household
  2. Caring for the children
  3. Caring for the breadwinner (the husband)

So there are only three… in one day, its easy! Yeah right!

Number 1: Cleaning and managing the household indeed means as said.

  1. Washing clothes
  2. Ironing and putting them away
  3. Clean ( vacuum, mop and dry) the house
  4. Dust and arrange
  5. Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner
  6. Home budgeting
  7. Shopping (while making sure it all fits to the budget)

Did I forget something? Maybe but already there are at least 3 job titles I can give myself: a laundry lady, cleaning lady, chef cook and estate manager (not that I manage a big one). So, where do my personal needs go? In between everyone of these.

Number 2: Since the man of the house is not often home because of work, the housewife also have the teaching, care, health and discipline of the children to do. Teaching them manners, make sure they eat their dinner, that they brush their teeth, that they obey the house rules , etc. A home without little rules for everyone to respect is somewhat lacking and could be disorganised. You also have to answer the questions what, why, how and when of a child – and when they get this age of asking questions, you better start the reading and prepare easy simple answers. Be careful, your children believes you 100% and will defend what answer you give him or her in front of their friends. —- What responsibility.

Yeah for this I am a care giver, a teacher and a nurse.

Number 3: Another important thing… keeping the relationship with the breadwinner always fresh and great is hard to do. Should cover the basic needs first by making sure he had clean clothes to wear all the time, that his dinner is always ready, different and interesting ( can’t feed him pasta everyday… NO!), make sure you reserve some energy for his other appetite and don’t forget to listen and keep an interesting conversation. Also make sure that he isn’t bothered when he needs a rest.

In this I am a friend, lover and wifey.

How about my needs? Yes, don’t forget that you are a person too who has needs. If your hubby forgets it remind him. Don’t nag, they don’t like it (I think). I likesome space to be creative and to be up to date on technology. Whenever I can, I do some crafting, painting or photography.

This is almost a 24hour job and is definitely a 7/7 one too! Before you accept the job offer, think ahead whether you are ready to give up your career. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to do so, specially if you find ways to compensate like hiring a nanny, a cleaner or get help from family.

So if you still don’t believe that it ain’t true, it may be because you lack experience or think that little Dobby (HP2) and his friends do things for you.