Our library is in the making. The 4 bookshelves I ordered arrived yesterday and is being put together today by hubby. So tonight we will unpack all the book boxes (there are at least 20 unpacked) and go through them and put them up properly. Hopefully this will improve how our living room will look. So far, it looks like a store room with boxes piled everywhere. I hope that we will be able to contain it all in the four bookshelves plus the one in the bedroom for the technical ones.

The old bookshelf that we took with us is now in my craft corner because it is of different colour than the rest. Now almost all my craft stuff and materials have their own little space. I do need to sort my things out and shred the old docs. My favourite piece is the MUJI glass drawers. If only I had the money to buy lots of them, I would. Unfortunately they cost from 6£ piece and some at 12£. Anyway, I think I can survive by just buying them one at a time when I have spare cash or when I make sales on my handmade creations. This will hopefully make my craft corner less cluttered and nice looking 🙂

I will post a photograph of the living room when the all the shelves are up and the boxes put away. I am sure it will be one empty living room again. So now, I am already making a possible list to slowly fill the room and make it comfy and welcoming.