After feeling rather low this week with inspiration and motivation on low level, my hubby thought something I like would help. And being a hopeless romantic, I fell in love with this movie.

the notebook movie

The note book is about the memories of an old woman who suffered dementia – it seems that she wrote a story of how she and her husband met and their struggles. Her husband who loves her so much even stayed with her in the hospital where she stayed so he can read for her. This heart breaking movie made me cry rivers, even my husband beside me cried too. It also show real love between husband and a wife. I’ve learned a bit through this movie – it is not all about sex (no matter how good it is) it is also about dedication, care and hard work. It is unconditional (specially if it is reciprocal).

This movie is not only for those who really need to shed a tear, if you think you are going through hell with your other half – watch this together, I think it could help and give you something to think about.

Based on the celebrated novel by Nicholas Sparks, THE NOTEBOOK tells the story of a young couple who overcome insurmountable odds to experience the true power of love. In a modern-day nursing home, a kind-hearted man (James Garner) reads a tender story to another patient (Gena Rowlands). The story begins during one glorious summer in small-town South Carolina in the early 1940s. Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) is a blue-collar log mill worker who courts the wealthy and sheltered Allie Nelson (Rachel McAdams). Before long, sparks are flying and the pair is in love. But eventually Allie’s snobby parents force their separation, and when World War II arrives, Noah heads overseas to serve his country. In the meantime, Allie becomes a nurse and falls for another man (James Marsden), to Noah’s dismay. Nonetheless, he buys and fixes up the mansion he promised Allie he would one day restore, and when he and Allie reunite just before her wedding, their love blossoms once again. Decades later, in the nursing home, the story reaches its heartfelt conclusion. Directed with extreme sensitivity by Nick Cassavetes (son of co-star Gena Rowlands), THE NOTEBOOK is aided immensely by the naturalistic performances of Gosling and McAdams, whose chemistry is palpable.

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