We went out today for a day trip to Romford, a market town close by. It is a fine place for shopping – everything is there. I must admit, it is now a favourite place of mine 🙂

Romford Mall

Curious about a small entrance (straight from the train station) full of people, we went to discover an enourmous shopping centre full of shops, people and goodies.  I thought I’d never find one here but I am wrong and it was amazing!

There are toy shops, book shops, clothes and shoe shops. There is a Disney store, sony shop, even fabric shop whre I found some fusible interfacing! I just had a stroll all over the place then we got out on one side to send up in the maket full of cheap fruits, vegetables and many things.

My hubby even got loads (more than a kilo) of mangoes for 1£!!!

So how to get there? Well, we went using the train from London so get the Underground train to Stratford and from there get the train towards Sheffield which is on platform 8. It stops to Romford.

Romford station

Worth a visit 🙂