Today, the Lifehouse Method software was launched by Pete Townshend with guest John Pidgeon. Lifehouse Method is a software that generates music, it creates a musical portrait depending on your input and it takes only minutes to do so. Each computer generated music is unique to the ‘sitter’. The software is developed by David Snowdon with musical direction by Lawrence Ball under the patronage of Pete Townshend.

Lifehouse Method

Several reporters were present of which some people from the BBC. Unfortunately while the BBC reporter was sitting for a musical portrait, there was a network problem leading to delays and of course, the input sound like the voice and sound weren’t recorded properly with a silent gap before the actual voice. I am not surprised the music produced is horrible πŸ™‚ and she didn’t like it. I suggest she try again.

The software is very easy to use, even my mother who rarely uses the computer managed to create one and she liked it. She did not even spend the whole day on it, just around an hour since she insist on reading every line of text to make sure she understands and sometime re-read it.

How does it work? First is the introduction followed by the browser test, then this is followed by recording of your voice. For this part, you can try using your own voice and experiment using other voices later on. Then you upload an image, if unavailable, try choosing up three from the choices given. Then you record a sound, like a bark or a meow or hitting your ipod to the wall! You also have the possibility of choosing sounds from guitar, drums, clarinet and so on. The last bit is the rhythm. You clap your hands, drum your fingers or use the mouse of your computer. Very easy πŸ™‚ Then click on the Compose tune. And after several minutes, voila! an original and unique musical composition just for you! The music created is fixed 5 minutes long. This is capped otherwise it will go on for eternity πŸ™‚

Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend of The Who

John Pidgeon

Every reporter present got a username and password so they can have a go (or 3 chances to sit for music). I don’t think everyone got theirs. Anyway, I hope those who got their free access will enjoy the experience.


I have the privilege to ‘sit’ for music since its early versions and I am very impressed at the evolution of the software. Each music created does reflect my mood, this is through the sound I input as well as my voice and the rhythm. Mornings were usually energetic music while afternoon after a long day working were usually mellow. There was one time when I got a scary sounding one.. like that of a horror movie with a touch of rock – weird.

Lifehouse Method
Lawrence Ball, Pete Townshend and John Pidgeon in Q&A

This is an addictive software, as ‘sitter’ you want to play with different sounds, voice and rhythm. I’ve done monkey and other animal voices, sounds of paper, water, pots and pans, shoe, pen, well almost anything really. I am not a musical person though I enjoy playing with PS2 Sing Star karaoke so most of the rhythms I use to enter are from my favourite Christmas carols or children songs. The music created were great though I certainly have my personal favourites. Now that it is officially launched, I can finally share some I’ve created πŸ™‚

Yes, before you try make sure your browser accepts cookies and runs java, javascript and recent flash player. Anyway, the a browser test is made before you continue with the ‘sitting’

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