A day after the launch of the Lifehouse Method, it is somewhat funny to see the written articles about it.  I think some reporters just did not pay attention to what was said or they got confused.  At least some got their info right.

Press at the Lifehouse Method launch

1. NME News” Entitled ‘Method Music – Imaginary Sitters, Imaginary Galaxies’, it is a collaboration between Townshend, composer Lawrence Ball and software engineer David Snowdon that has taken over 30 years to complete.”  The project is Lifehouse Method or The Method. Method Music – Imaginary Sitters, Imaginary Galaxy is Lawrence Ball’s album.

2. Uncut.co.uk –  you got it right.

3. London.net

4. BBC 6 Music“For the interactive version, you submit some personal information into the website, including a photograph and a rhythm you tap in, as well as the answers to various questions, and a piece of music is generated for you” – You got this wrong. You don’t need to submit personal information into the website. All that is required of you is your voice, an image, a sound and rhythm. No questions to answer.