I know it seems unreal to blame our dear and favourite softdrink. But I have finally realised after the second experience of feverish withdrawal that indeed I am addicted to coca-cola.

How did this come about? I can’t really remember what happenned to the first withdrawal attack but this one is still fresh in memory. The last time I drank my can of Coke was on April 24th, after this I was drinking water and fruit juice to show an example to my son. I felt fine at first until last April 29 when I suddenly felt really cold, shivering, all my muscles ache and tense. At this time I already have a cold and sore throat like my husband. This usually end with me having a horrible sore throat and a runny nose. But my temperature-less shivering continued and I at the time I just thought it a fever. So I took in paracetamol and pain reliever every 4 hours so I can function properly. And to a usually healthy me – I am astonished that the “fever” did not go away. I cannot even forgive myself for “almost” forgetting to pick my son up from school. The teacher has to call me – I was in bed shivering! I am glad the medicines started working when I finally met the teacher and apologised. Every night from the 30th of April I would wear my thickest ski-coat to bed and cover myself with blanket to sleep much to my husbands annoyance until the medicines take effect. I continued to take medicine and feel horrible until last night when I saw my last can of Coke and drank it at dinner. I was then ready to take my medicine (the 4hours should have expired already) when I noticed that I stopped feeling cold and the unusual muscle tensions and aches have gone. After the horrible week – I was able to sleep soundly at last! Thanks to my last can of Coca Cola.

I am planning to visit my doctor today to discuss this and so he can give me proper medication to my sore throat. After which I am planning to do this experiment again. By drinking a couple of cokes and leaving one. To see how long it will make me feel good before the shivering and painful feelings come back in force. I intend to record this and also I am planning to request a complete blood and sugar tests so I know where I stand medical wise.

I hate feeling dependent to a product or a substance. I am proud to admit I never tried drugs and any substance in my life. I do not even smoke. It must be why I am so confused to think the signs of withdrawal as simple fever.

The reason why I like drinking Coke and not rival Pepsi is because of past experience where inside the Pepsi bottle there was cockroach egg and one Pepsi can tasted like slimy spit. That was a long time ago and I am hopeful they improved their facilities.

Lets see what happens next….