Today we decided to go to the cinema as a family – the chosen film is Terabitha. We brought along my 4 year old son and my 18 month old baby. They were well behaved during the film and both children’s interest were caught. Well, I guess it’s because it is a story about children and their strong imagination.

Personally, I like it. After being disappointed with Eragon, my expectations for American fiction movies were rather low. This however gave some respect back. It is a movie that shows a story of pre-teen boy and girl with domestic and school pressures. And this story is also about friendship and imagination, the highs and lows of school life, etc. It is great, it touches the person watching it. My son enjoyed it and my 18month daughter just watched, never got distracted. As a responsible parent, I believe there is nothing wrong with this movie, it is both happy and sad but life is like that too and even worse! It is well done because the story is easy to understand – not too complicated, also the message got through, it made the viewer smile, laugh and cry. But most of all it teaches a lesson and that’s what ALL movie should be about.

From my point as a viewer, there is no pretentious  animations, everything fits well.

If by any chance you saw the trailer, please keep your mind WIDE OPEN because nowadays the trailers are hacked parets of the movie rearranged into a different story.