The May Swaporama package is now posted and it will be arriving VERY SOON to my partner who is also in the United Kingdom. The package contains most handmade items than any previous swap packages ever sent!

To start, I made a cute tote with matching zipped pouch from the table cover I got from Woolsworth – I told family members of my projects and they were thrilled to see one. This table cover wasn’t used because my dining table is round, so I cut it and sew it. Then there is one of my early bookcovers with deep red corduroy fabric I got from one of the swaps I received and a matches with rusty orange and green splash of colours as interior. I love this one to bits because this is one of those successes! There is that cute looking felt octopus which I made from my son’s drawings. I don’t know where he got the inspiration from but having fixed it and made it, it actually look real cute! I’ve also made some brooch from ribbons and some fabric scraps. There is the usual bits and bobs in it.

I sincerely hope she likes it!