A stroll to the local charity shops down George Lane was productive today as I fell for the dining table seating 4-6 people and two chairs, two chairs for the reading corner and some vintage patterns and fabrics for my crafting.

The table with 4 chairs only cost me 25£ with free delivery, they are sturdy and I am not afraid to work on it. For immediate use, I just scrubbed it and washed it clean. But I am planning to use the metallic brush on it , sand it, cover it with protective wood  coating and some varnish. It will look terrific! Two of the chairs will stay in the kitchen as head chairs, I’ve scrubbed them clean too.

I moved our round table to the living room close to the front window, I call this our Reading and Activity area. The bookshelves are close by and it is well lit in the afternoon.  The other chairs I found today will go with the table, I will work on the upholstery though because the original fabric is torn in places and I want it to look new. I have some fabrics already in mind for this and I am also working on cushions!

I also got some fabrics and discovered a box full of vintage patterns some never used and these patterns are only 20p each so I guess one of these days I will go there again and look through them all!