Yesterday was a fun day, since it was beautiful and after days and days of dark clouds , rain and cold wind – finally the sun came out, we spent the morning at Saint Mary’s Fun and Food day – with my parents in laws.

It is to raise fund for the church’s diverse projects. It’s got this fun and friendly atmosphere which I really like and miss, I come from a village where we call those living even 5 kilometres from us is a neighbour.

There were plants that I like for my garden but I can’t get some yet since I needed to work on it – take off the sand from the fertile soil below and readying it for planting. Lunch for 6£ is good and I’ve discovered that I love apple sauce with my meat and bread -yum!

Anyway, we took the tube to Saint Jame’s Park and walked to the Buckingham Palace. It was my first time to be there and I think I was disappointed to see it smaller than I imagined. But the palace is magnificent as well as the gardens around it. We decided to take on St. James. We walked there enjoying the views and the discover new behaviour from our little girl. She likes to give and she picked some tiny flowers and gave it to a lady and picked some twigs and gave it to the gentleman. That was really sweet.

Across the park, we arrived at the Horse Guards Parade. We were lucky because they were about to start changing guards. They look so young and really nice. Anyway, that was a great entertainment and I took loads of pictures!

Coming out of the gate we chose to walk towards the Thames. We passed Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister lives. It is well guarded. We reached a crossing and decided to go across towards Westminster Abbey and we saw the tower where Big Ben is.

After a long walk and yes, it was tiring and we are getting hungry (again). We tried the Chopstick restaurant in the County Hall (close to the London Eye). It is anEa-All-You-Can restaurant for 5.99£ per plate. Great food! I love the sweet and sour pork with egg rice, the noodles, the garlic chicken wings, the fresh spring rolls and slices of food for dessert.

We continued to walk towards the Millennium Bridge and off to meet some friends outside Saint Paul’s cathedral. Such nice day and am up for another walk like it.