I gave my daughter some of this tonight and after the first spoon she flatly refused it and was ready for a fight when I tried again. The Tagliatelle with Fish in a Creamy Broccoli Sauce is made up with water, organic tagliatelle (durum wheat), organic vegetables (carrots, broccoli, onions), hake, organic rice, organic cream, organic sunflower oil, organic rice flour, organic lemon juice. On paper this looks great but have the people in Hipp actually tasted it? I don’t think so. Warm or cold, it is YUCK! I tasted it, it was thoroughly disgusting! I am better off giving my daughter traditionally cooked pasta, steamed broccoli which she absolutely loves or shredded pieces of boiled or grilled fish.

I don’t think my little girl is choosy. She loves steamed broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, fish, rice, garlic bread, pasta, tomato, grilled and braised meat, etc.

Lets see what she does with the next meal….