This is my favourite dish – well, one of my favourites.

Ingredients :

  • pork ribs, sirloin steak or rump steak, cut into cubes for the skewers or a serving


  • hoi sin sauce
  • honey
  • ketchup
  • ground pepper
  • tiny bit of salt
  1. Mix the sauce mixture, adjust quantity to suit taste and number of servings
  2. Prepare meat, cut into1.5″ cubes if you want to put meat in skewers or simply slice a serving of sirloin or rump steak or a bunch of 10 pork ribs together.
  3. In a covered plastic container, put meat and cover with sauce, mix well and cover. Marinate for two hours or overnight
  4. Onthe BBQ grill, cook steak for 5 minutes each side for well done (4 mins. each side for medium and 3 minutes each side for rare). For meat on skewers, cook until  done.

PS: Will add exact quantities shortly.