Sunday the 17th of June, we went for a short trip to the Queen’s hunting Lodge in Epping. A simple white building, recently renovated to give it longer life. The original structure is 400years old and in located on a part of the Forest. I enjoy the trip and I am sure my children too! It is good to see a bit of the past 🙂

The Lodge is between the Royal Forest pub/restaurant and the Butlers Retreat, we chose to have lunch in the Butlers Retreat since we already tried the Royal Forest.

The Butlers Retreat seems to be the last of the many Tea Houses in the forest. It is old but not crumbling. The service is OK but the waitresses lack experience. The food is also relatively quick to arrive. However the benches (to the wall) needs a bit of cleaning as it is full of crumbs and itchy (I was wearing mini-skirts).

The food is OK. Hubby got a vegetarian dish and finished it in no time:) I had my Sirloin steak, the mushroom, tomatoes and chips are fine the steak is a bit on the rubbery side. I should have asked for medium rather than well done.

After a good lunch, we decided to have a short walk in the fields, it was vast and there are some cows.

Details of the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge