After serious weekends with a shovel hitting the ground to rid of the concrete and sand, we’ve added the turf. We got it from the garden centre for a discounted rate because it was wilting and the last of their stock. However, after frequently watering it (when it does not rain) it bloomed back to health and is now very green there were even mushrooms on the edges! My potatoes (bought read to cook baby potatoes in Sainsbury’s and forgot about it in the cupboard), after replanting them in deeper holes and increasing the distances between each, they finally started growing taller! I can’t even wait for Harvest time which should be in September since I planted them in April – but I will check one out in August.

I am also very please that the fences were fixed at last (our side anyway). I am still deciding on how to fill this small space but I already have a vague idea which includes relaxing chairs, parasol and more vegetables or maybe an orange tree on a very big pot!