In less than a year, I’ve updated and re-looked my handmade shop three times in my search for a simple, beautiful and user friendly site. This one I really hope would be the final 2007 look. I’ve also completely updated my database by installing a new version of the e-commerce software I am using. This is a more stable version and the reviews pages of my shop without errors!

v06site.jpg Like the previous web designs, this one also came about with flexibility in mind. So special occasions could be announced as well as special productions featured without too much hassle.

As for the colour, I must have gotten fed up of pale blue and pink – this combination is the most pleasing to my eyes as I find it attractive which doesn’t say much because everything is in the eyes of the beholder.

The whole process only took 3 days to put together not counting the design process and the data input process. Design process includes lay-out sketches, matching colour combos and finding the appropriate photos/images. The text should also be ready so not to add further delays. Data Input process is actually taking longer because it includes configuring the shop with the correct postal values, country zones, etc. It also includes putting in the content (products to sell). It will also take longer if you want a multi-lingual and multi currency site… Now, I am just finalising on the custom made page and how to go about it.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this new design better, I’ve taken into account several design issues from your comments as well and simplifying things. Please bear with me however on the lack of products for I only have two hands and I cannot care for my children, craft, photograph and put them in the shop. I will do my very best however to put enough beautiful creations as soon as possible.

Watch out for a Great Sale on Handigift very soon!