I can’t believe I put up with this horrible weather. It is very depressing! I cannot bring my children to parks, I cannot just have a stroll and take photographs and I cannot even do my gardening!

Yes, I am whining – why shouldn’t I?  Rain brings in slugs & snails, and I hate both. Also, I know that my friends on the Riviera are enjoying the sun 😦  and I can’t even go to town to enjoy the view. I just hope that it improves this month because it would definitely drive me nuts.

On a lighter note, the fact of being stuck at home encouraged me to do more crafting (making bags and others) , create new designs, improve old ones and even working on new site and services.

My son is turning 5 this month so that is reason /excuse to put up a cheerful face 🙂 I am also thinking on doing a bit of decorating in the house soon – which means I can at least at some point do one of my favourite pastimes – shopping.