Monday morning this week a knock on the door got me running downstairs forgetting I am not properly clothed 🙂 so run back up and pushed dear hubby to answer it quickly. I was so excited when I saw what was delivered – a new toy for me from hubby (see photo below 🙂 ) . It is a brand new Janome overlocker!

Janome 9200D Overlocker

I’ve been looking around on ebay in hope to get it cheaper and often moaning that bids reach 100£ or more for it. He must have been so annoyed with me hearing this for days ( I did not do it on purpose – I am quite decided on the top three I want for Christmas) .  He told me “If” he will buy me one I would watch my shopping sprees. I agreed but did not believe him, knowing full well that he WILL NOT get one (Since I am an impulsive shopper). So since I agreed, I am now working very hard to discipline myself – I am glad that I can shop using the income from my handmade items ( selling your crafts makes you more confident and inspires you to make more and better than other people). I am glad he did it though because I was saving up money from the sales to buy one. So now, I can buy fabrics instead! (Will save the rest).

Now, you know the reason why I am (will be) less active on my blogging – because I am crafting!