Last Saturday 14/07/2007, we drove to Legoland- Windsor. It took us an hour to reach the motorway exit and another hour from the exit to Legoland. The drive should normally take us only 1h 06 minutes, the delay was caused by traffic. Makes you think since it was Saturday and fine weather everyone had a mad-dash to Legoland 🙂

legoland breakfast

Anyway our planned breakfast in the park became our lunch with baked beans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, sausages and hot drinks. It was ok and little girl enjoyed the potatoes.

From the terrace we can see the park downhill and the Windsor Castle, the Queen of England’s other residence. It was huge! I think a visit to the castle will be for another day.

Windsor Castle

So we had a look at the amazing mini-Lego City. Major cities of the world reconstructed in Legos! My favourite is London and Paris as well as Edinburgh Castle.

My son enjoyed watching the cars and little yachts and trains move.


It must have taken them days even months to construct all these and millions of lego pieces!

After sightseeing, we had fun in the rides and games. Below, the boys went on the Fire Engine game – exercise for both because they have to pump to get the truck moving and pump to get the water out. It looks really fun – the boys ended second place 🙂


Then they queued for almost an hour to get into the train for an Expedition! Hahaha, hubby got squirted by a dragon! Lucky the camera did not get wet 😀 We then went to the Diggers where I had a go with my son. It was fun, I managed to put a lot of balls into the basket. With a bit of practice, I think I will be able to handle a small digger.

We then went to the Knights area where we are supposed to see a Dragon. Since hubby was pushing the baby, I get to go with our son. Drats! I did not know it was a coaster ride and I really hate those! grrrrrrr. Anyway, when on it I was screaming while M1 was laughing – guess he never heard mummy scream before. Ekkkkkk!

All in all, it was a fun day. Just need to get there in time and have some cash with you because the cash machine charges 1.50£ for every withdrawal. Also, it is a bit cheaper if ticket is bought online, 5£ cheaper!