I’ve been planning to share some cleaning tips which are often Earth friendly, using basic cleaning products and even fruits. Decreasing our dependence on toxic chemicals to clean up dirt at home. I hope these tips will come useful for you too!

Often wonder how to get rid of limescale in the kettle or even on the edges of the tub and sink? The easiest ecological way to clean it is to use Lime and Lemon. For the kettle, cut thin slices of lime or lemon, fill the kettle full and drop it in. Keep for a couple of hours then wash using your regular dish washing soap. No need to scrub hard because the limescales will just drop off. If you have years worth of lime in your kettle, do this at least twice.

The kitchen sink and lavabo? Just cut lemon or lime in half and scrub it to the surface. You can leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off. Scrub the surface with regular dish washing liquid and wipe dry. Surface will be limescale free and smell fresh too!

For acrylic baths, use liquid detergent and sponge. Rinse abundantly.

Enamel baths are fragile, do not use acid base products, use liquid detergent for the stains and for those very hard to remove stains use “White Spirit” on a piece of cloth. Do not forget to clean around the faucets using lemon juice. Don’t leave it too long, rinse abundantly.

Lemon is also quite good at cleaning stained marble surfaces. All you need is half a lemon, and salt. Pour very fine salt on the lemon and use this to scrub on the marble surface. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse abundantly. Do this several times if necessary. For marble surface, DO NOT USE bleach (javel), pure or highly concentrated bleach will ruin your marble!