School will end tomorrow and I hope I will survive weeks with my children together. They currently behave like cat and dog. My little 23-month old girl does actually fight back and she knows how to use her weight and body mass to make her point. Anyway, I plan to engage my son in productive earth friendly activities such as nature photography, paper making and gardening. I hope I will be able to stick to my plan and continue to be sane :]

He just turned 5 by the way and we did it in several stages so he got to open presents almost every day in the week. He seem to enjoy it – he is now planning on his thank you cards which I think grandma will approve.

Bad weather just makes me depressed but I am glad I am now a confident driver and I have my crafty hobby. I am able to implement ideas and projects without bothering other people.

Cube coin purse

I’ve been productive lately and am able to stick to my Eco-Friendly project. I thought that another way to contribute to helping the planet is to reduce wastage from my crafting. So I thought I’d make use of every single bit of material no matter how small or ugly and transform it into something nice and useful. One of the outcome is this cute cube purse. The final adjustments to the pattern is now done and I am commencing the commercial production. With my new need for supply, I am so glad to have asked one of the charity shops down the road if by any chance they have crafty supplies and to my surprise- they do! I am able to buy 300 pieces of assorted zips at bargain price and at the same time, helping the charity.

I have other product ideas for the Eco-Friendly project and I hope they will come out beautiful and useful. I will post details here soon 🙂