warning: for those who have allergies, please don’t try this. use a mask if you can for long exposure to heated plastic can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea.


I read this blog today as well as this tutorial from etsy about one way to reuse those gruesome plastic grocery bags. I tried this to make a possible material for some eco-friendly projects. I have sainsburys and waitrose bags in abondance (cupboard is full!) and i use these.


The waitrose bags is a bit difficult to fuse as it is thick and it sticks on paper. Sainsbury’s bag is fine to use just use a mask.


Anyway, I warmed the iron to medium heat, grabbed old newspaper to cover the ironing board and two clean sheet of paper (no writing on it), scissors and the plastic bags.


I covered the ironing board with the old newspaper, placed the first clean sheet of paper on top of it. Then I cut off the edges from the bags and placed it well within the first clean sheet of paper, cover it with the second clean sheet of paper then iron it. Make sure to move the iron so it will be evenly melted. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes then take it off and put it aside. Do this again until the plastic is fused well.


Now that you have a material, imagine what you can do with it?


bag to wallet

Finished with freehand machine stitching and snap attached.



the inside …


It took me around 15 minutes to finish this.


Now that I’ve done this, I think I will sort out the plastics, order a mask and prepare the patterns.