This week I made 6 new wristlets, they are totally cute, (wait till you see the photos) and half a dozen cube coin purses. I wanted to make some totes and flat messenger bags but I am feeling a bit too lazy at the moment. I havent even the inclination to take photos even if it means selling them! Anyway – once I got over this temporary disinterest (should be gone in a couple of days), you’ll see πŸ˜€

The screens for the recycled paper project still hasn’t arrived and the monsters (aka. children) are getting very impatient. I am sure they will have loads of fun making paper πŸ™‚

Next month I should have my new Mac computer. I can’t believe hubby is getting me one πŸ˜€ Well, I get very grumpy when my computer freezes and my grumpy situation maybe really horrible for you. Anyhow, it seems Potter Comp (name of my computer) aka Potter for short have a fan problem. It gets really hot specially if I am working on photographs and graphics. The DDRAM is 2Gigs so that should be fine. I know we can fix it by installing a new fan but seeing my Potter taken apart leaving me with my laptop is out of question. So Mac first, then fix Potter next.

I forgot to upload the photo of my RED swap package. This is just part of it and I hope my partner will like it.

This bag is made using a beautiful and soft upholstery fabric by KENZO which I bought from the Liberty shop in London. It is really gorgeous I made another for myself (experimental design though). I also made several Cube Coin Purses with this fabric and it looks really fab!Β  This bag will go to my mum but I will make another (or two) handbag of this design for you to buy. Like the Tweed Handbag, this boasts two front pockets which are perfect for ipod and iphone, spacious back pocket with zip closure, 1 zipped interior pocket, key fob and another interior pocket.

We went to see Transformers the movie the other day (Saturday). and it was great. If there are any bad critics about it,Β  I don’t care. I’ve been a fan of the cartoon series when I was a kid and have several Transformer toys instead of dolls.Β  The movie provides good entertainment specially if you like special effects and machines – I like both.