It’s been a busy crafty week with at least two beautiful bags finished. So to keep the tempers down, the children were brought to Willows Farm in Hertfordshire close to junction 22 of M25. It is a nice little farm with loads of area to play and discover and animals to meet!

We went there with Tom, Kirstie his mum and Jennifer.

We saw guinea pigs, rabbits, the three little pigs, baba black sheep, a horse several dairy cows, llama, rheas, reindeer, wallaby, goats, owls and falcons. On top of that we watched the sheep race where we bet on numbers 5 and 3. Number 5 did fine but sheep number 3 was limping his way to the finish line – he finished last. Oh well, at least we have a good time cheering the sheep!

Kirstie, Jennifer, my son and Tom went to ride with this noisy tractor around the back of the park, the small lake and close to the mais maze.

Willows Village Farm also have loads of picnic tables with parasols close to the play grounds and rides. Ideal for picnic – free rides are really welcome 🙂

this is M1 caressing a black rabbit. They are not allowed to lift it up.

This is our sheep jockey, he tried his best.

If you live closeby and want to bring your children there, visit their website.