I am trying to catch up on creativity absences in the previous month and all I can say is there are now quite a lot of them. And quite a variety too! I made a couple of shoppers with their own pouch, sweet tote/shoulder bags and a couple of handbags which are quite simple but I am particularly proud of.

The two shoppers are sturdy reusable shopping bags that you can carry in your bag ready to use when you suddenly decide to buy some groceries. This is a 100% recycled bag using fabrics and straps reclaimed from items I bought from the Children’s Society and Cancer Research charity shops. I am still working on more reusable shopping bags from reclaimed fabrics , so watch out for them on my shop and don’t hesitate to get one for yourself!

And above is a sweet looking tote/shoulder bag I call Izzy (Isabel) Bag. Sorry for the crap photo, I was taking this in a hurry with my cybershot, I will take a much better one very soon! I made a couple more versions of these, they look fun and really cute! Who says Fall/Winter collection to be dull and monotonous?

On other things, I finally sent my swap to my partner (in the UK). I kept making stuff for her it got so delayed.

Here is what I sent and I really hope she gets it really quickly!

Tomorrow, I will be going with the whole clan and some Flickr friends from the London Flickr Meetup group to Brighton.

Above is my itinerary, which includes the priority sites I want to see. I really hope the “predominant Sunny Intervals” said by the weather forecast to be true because it would make my first visit to Brighton quite special.