It feels it! I found myself really cold in the garden the other day hunting these little buggers. August is supposed to be a month when you wear skimpy shorts or mini-skirts, or even bikini! Not wearing socks, pajamas and sweatshirts!

I should covered myself properly when I went out to the garden to take the slug shot. I just went to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast and found to my irritation this one and more having my flowers for breakfast. I hope no bloody neighbor saw me kneeling on the terrace floor with bums up and camera in my nighties. Sure did woke me up, specially when my irritation passed and i felt the cold. Grrrrrr

I am glad I made this slimy bug look cute in the pic. I am not sorry about sprinkling salt on them. Anyway, hubby don’t like them at all. Knowing that, I know what to put on his side of the bed if he annoys me 😉

Phalaenopsis orchid

One of my beauties – the first to show off after the move. Yes, I like flowers and generally not picky being given some but I think I like to receive live orchid plants. As gift giver you’d feel nice and happy to see how I took care of your present. Before the move they would flower in unison (all 5 of them), and it would look really nice. I hope the others are just recuperating, most are with me since 1998 and they always come with me when I move. I just don’t have the heart to throw them out.