I left most of mine in France, there are not many, but I can trust them and I’d do anything I can for them and they would for me.

I had a couple of calls each from some good friends today in France. Pretty early huh? I guess they just miss my grumpy self. Small things like this does improve one’s mood as well as make it worse.

One of them is my cheeky sailor friend T, who looks like Matthew McConaughy, likes to surf, to impress girls, have fun and live life to the full. He is one bloke who likes to catch girls attention, show off and dance all night long. I certainly enjoy dancing with him, really sexy and hot. He also loves his cars. Fortunately not to the point of refusing me to use one of them for a week 😉 Plus he owe me snowboarding lessons! Unfortunately his news is sad since he is worried about his son who’s sick for 2 months already. At least he still ended the phonecall with hope in his voice and glad to talk and tease. I think he is going to be a handful and is going to abuse my bottom when he come to visit us here in the UK.

Another one is N and family, they are like second family to me. I am glad they put up with me all these years. I cannot help them at the moment though, I need to study all new things happening in France before I can lend a hand. One thing for sure is I can invite them to see me here, if not for the blasted weather I’d done that a long time ago. Their daughter is my preferred model. And uhhh, what have I done influencing to becoming a gadget girl? Her poor parents, I wonder how she wrestled their arms to giving her an iphone. Oh well, as long as she listens to our advice and does her assignments. I think I created a gadget blackhole.

C also called to say hello telling me news of her newborn. I kept teasing her on when she’ll add a girl in her family. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Now I am feeling guilty. I hope she will like the little gift i am gonna make to assuage it.

I wonder if the others got my email concerning my new number and address in London? I’ll give them a couple more months out of the season. Until then, I will not go or send someone looking for them.

I am glad my childhood friends are doing well, checking their Friendster accounts I did 😉 and exchanging messages. It would be real fun if I can see them in the Philippines, yes, I think I will do just that 😀 And I need to practice my ballroom dancing and I know one bloke I grew up for the job. I wonder if he is still afraid of my foot? (I think I will ask my mum to warn him of my plans). Now, a private dance instructor? hehehehehehe