Buckingham Palace, London
I was offered a ticket by Anne who wanted to give me a tour of the Palace during its open-house. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do  so because Jim wasn’t feeling very well.

Personally, I do not enjoy visiting places for the first time  and alone. So, I invited a good friend to come along, and I am very grateful for the company and the ice cream 😉   The interior of the palace is very impressive and even better that I imagined. The impressive collection of works of art and the quality of craftsmanship of many things inside the palace.

It is most definitely one of Great Britain’s treasures and every British citizen should be proud of it as well as other historic buildings in the country. It shouldn’t be taken for granted. Some of the actions of the empire  in the past may be wrong but it shaped the world we know today. We may not be perfectly happy about our current world but presently, we are responsible in shaping the society. All through the years, we’ve made it more individualistic than a community.

Unfortunately, there was news of parts of the Palace in bad condition, parts are crumbling. It shows how this government is neglectful to the very image of Great Britain. I am not going to delve into the subject any further for it reaches the realms of politics which for my simple mind is bullish, often corrupt and used only for personal gain.


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