I will soon be accepting orders for Handigift’s top of the range passport cover. This is not just like any covers I’ve made but it effectively blocks any RFID readers from reading any card hidden inside the cover.

I will be making these new covers using soft suede fabrics in shades of cream, purple and chocolate brown and other beautiful printed fabrics for men, women and children!

Unfortunately due to the scarcity and price of the material, a simple cover will start from 12.75£ while our new design which will be launched soon will start from 25£. This new design will come with additional pockets for a couple of cards. Coming up soon are Passport pouches with flaps for complete cover, this will probably be for January next year.

Both products will also be waterproof and protects the passport from rain and splash of liquid but it will not protect your passport if you drop it in the water or the ocean!

Passport Covers

Please note that these two products will be dispatched at least 21 days from receipt of payment. Fabric is tested only to available cards with RFID chips and readers. Providing they are all using the same frequency up to 1Ghz! This will also block nearly all ELF and VLF electric fields.

To know what this new product is designed for, please read the articles below.