On Sunday the 2nd of September, we went to the Forest Festival on Chingford Plain close to the Queen’s Hunting Lodge as well as Chingford. At 10.30AM, we managed to find a parking for free in front of the Butler’s Retreat. We were early for once and were able to enjoy some peace and quite walking around the stalls before everyone arrived!

It was a fun day, I only saw Rooney by the HighLift but did not meet the others. There were lots to do and try. My son held a Garter Snake in his hand and let it clamber on his arm – Nope, I refuse to have it on mine. Anyway, went to enjoy the view at 100ft from the the ground of the forest and London with the Highlift, then literally ogling at the radio controlled toys such as the helicopters and the airplanes. I am glad my son likes them too! That makes another hobby all three can do. Definitely went on to try the Archery imagining someone’s head on the target (always work with me) and got 2 of 5 arrows on the blue and 1 on the black. The two others went to the net further away.

On the main arena, there’s the Dog Agility show where dogs run around, jump through hurdles and hoops. This was followed by the Jousting by the Knights which turned out to be very entertaining indeed! I was disappointed a bit by the dancing digger but it still wowed the little boy 🙂 It would’ve been  really impressive if there were at least 4 diggers and loud music! The driver of the is a nice man and even let Devlin on the controls! The little cheek asked if her can make it run, imagine that!

The little girl was running around like a mad thing bumping to anyone and is comfortable on the grass in the way of everyone!

Rolls Royce

There were a couple of vintage cars on display such as this one…

Fairlop Woodturner
This is a Fairlop Woodturner at work. Very fascinating to watch

Radio controlled helicopter… I want one!

High Lift
The Highlift. A 120K£ toy with wireless control and goes up to 100ft!

Rooney on the highlift
We were waiting for the jousting to begin and I recognized Rooney’s top on the lift 🙂

Black Knight
Trust me, he is an evil man!

Knights - Good and Bad

Garter Snake
My son holding the snake

M2 on the grass
This little girl refused to walk, pretended to sleep, then kicking her legs up and bumping on anyone coming!

archery target

Dancing Digger