We are still here is this warm country 🙂 and one of the things we did was have a swim in one of the pools in the area. It is privately owned by Mrs. Gontinas and managed by daughter Maria Rita. It is a beautiful and breezy place with a nice view of the bay, loads of mango trees. For this trip, we did not stay there even if it is only from 11£ to 36£ a night for the bedrooms. It would’ve been nice considering its fully air-conditioned but I am here to see family and even if its just 200metres away or less, my ailing father is still not able to walk that short a distance with or without assistance.

Now, it will be M2’s first time on the pool. She is reluctant to be left alone so we made sure to  take real slow and with two people to watch her.

Baby in the pool

We still have not finished our 2nd week here so – we might be able to see new places.

We frequently go to the mall in the city since it is cool inside and secure with guards and loads of space to run around. Also, we can buy everything we need there from groceries to clothes and all other things.

Foodwise, there is a lot of restaurants to choose from and yes, with my mum and sister it is fun to observe them when the girl eats.  At the moment, it is not important for me that she rarely uses the spoon all I care about is she eat and she does it splendidly!

Me and my LBD

I did not forget myself 🙂 I found this shop full of beautiful clothes and I fell for this little black dress which is a must have this FW 2007. This little dress is from a local luxury brand LOALDE, surely, I am going to see next week if I find something really nice there again.

My question to the girls, what would you do if put in my place? With all these beautiful clothes and dresses at 10x cheaper than those in London? If I buy them there I am pretty sure that it would certainly break the bank. Here, I haven’t even spent 50£!

Well, end of rant.. until next time 🙂