This is the time we must say goodbye as we are going back home soon. I took several photos of the view from my room, new faces (new relatives) and others to help remind me of them since our next trip won’t be in at least 5 years time.

This is the view from my bedroom, I requested the back window to be glass so it is bright and I can see this.

This is taken from my nanay Nena’s terrace. The rice are slowly drying, when it turns beige (dry) it will be ready to harvest.

One of my new cousins – this one is cheeky and cute. A reminder for me not to forget to visit them again maybe in 5 years time. So I will still recognise the new relatives and know who can take care of me when I grow old and very grumpy 😉

Fishing boat: I used to go with my dad fishing at night until 11PM. We had one of these then, now my dad is bedridden so we didn’t have one anymore.

This is my Dad, on rare occassion he feel better and get out of bed. On this he sat close to the open door so there is enough light, he was waiting for us to get ready to leave. I am glad he felt good enough to see us go..

So this is goodbye to family in the Philippines, we are off home to London and will be coming back in 5 years time 😀