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I have decided to challenge myself a bit on providing a variety of healthy food for my family. Starting this week, each dinner will be posted on here, photos on Flickr and also on Facebook.

Week 46 Dinner Meals

Sunday: Stir Fry Quorn Pieces with carrots, peas and runner beans with Honey Teriyaki sauce, Boiled fine egg noodles, Moules Mariniere (for M1).

Monday: Steak au Poivre, Quorn Burgers with Pepper Sauce, French Fried Potatoes

Tuesday: Pasta with Mushroom sauce

Wednesday: Ceasar Salad with Home Made sauce

Thursday: Rabbit with Provencale Herbs and BakedTomatoes, Pasta with Pesto sauce (Basil)

Friday: Aubergines aith Garlic and Spring Onions, Plain Rice

Saturday: Vegetable Roll Ups